Historic machinery finds a new home at Kinosayo Museum

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

As early as 1983, people started donating machinery to the Kinosayo Museum in Kinuso. However, until this summer there was no place to display them.

Board president Jennifer Churchill says the museum has wanted to build a machine shed since it received its first donation in 1983, but hasn’t been able to until now.

Board vice-president Angie Saitz headed up the initiative. Charlie Prichuk, a local farmer, donated a restored McCormick tractor and threshing machine. He also donated $25,000 dollars to build the shed. Big Lakes County matched this with a grant. Carwald, a Slave Lake company, with Kinuso connections, donated gravel for the posts. Denny Sloan volunteered his time to prep the area.

The preparation included removing some trees, and flattening the area.

The board and volunteers are moving into stage two of construction, which is spreading the gravel in the shed, and picking up all of the various donations from the area. This also includes adding signs and flowers. This stage is funded by a Canada Facilities Enhancement Grant.

At least, one donated piece of machinery is in a building which collapsed, says Churchill. However, the piece of machinery is in good condition.

She is less certain about the wooden threshing machine and some of the other equipment donated. The board has no money to restore any machines.

Having restored a 1940s tractor, Churchill knows how expensive restoration can be.

While much of the equipment that has so far been donated is farm equipment, the museum is open to any type of historic machinery as long as it was used in the area. This could be skidders, from logging, or old construction equipment.

Over the summer, the museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a limit of 15 people at a time. However, since there have been fewer visitors than normal, no one has been turned away so far. Also, museum staff have time to organize new displays. People who call ahead, might be able to set up a time to visit the museum on Sunday or Monday.

Due to COVID-19 the grand opening of the new machine shed will likely happen next season.

A 1949 McCormick threshing machine at Kinosayo
Museum. It also comes from the Prichuk farm.
A McCormick 1956 super 6 tractor donated to the
Kinosayo Museum in Kinuso by Charlie Prichuk. It
is in the newly built machinery shed. Soon other
donations will join it.
The old Kinuso firetruck.

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