He loves us!

Brian Mason, the Minister of Transportation for Alberta, seems to like Slave Lake. At least he’s giving that impression, after saying ‘yes’ to local infrastructure improvement projects when it was far from expected.

Last year it was the big airport resurfacing job. It had to be done, but where was the money going to come from? The Airport Commission applied for a provincial grant, but expectations were low. The province had something like $2 million to spread among dozens of airports needing work. It was looking grim, but then along came Mason and handed over a cheque to cover most of the cost.

Then late last month, Mason surprised the daylights out of town councillors at the AUMA convention by saying ‘yes’ to intersection improvements that his department has been saying ‘no’ to for years.

The cynics will call this vote-buying. But nobody’s turning up their noses at the cash..

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