Good news stories in education from Loon River and Wabasca

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Things are popping in the area of post-secondary education in the north. Northern Lakes College has been sending out so many news releases lately it’s hard for a newspaper to keep up.

Last week, for example, we had the news of ground-breaking for a new NLC campus in High Prairie.

While that story was still hot off the press, two more news releases came down the wire: one was about funding for a basic education (upgrading, in other words) program at Loon River. The other one was about the opening of an ‘educational health lab’ in Wabasca.

The program at Loon River is called ‘Community Adult Learning Program’ (CALP). According to Valerie Tradewell of NLC, it responds to an upswing in demand for basic upgrading in that community in recent years. She says NLC set up a high school upgrading program in Loon River last year (after several years off due to lower demand). But that’s for Grades 10 – 12; the CALP, she explains, “is for lower than that.” It offers ‘Basic Education Level’ courses at the college campus in Loon River. College instructors there will help the students get connected to the online courses and guide them along the way.

CALP programs already exist in many communities around the north.

Moving over to Wabasca, the Atoske Action Group has teamed up with NLC to open a training lab for people taking health care aide and practical nurse programs.

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