Funky jazz band entertains community members in Slave Lake

Callie Hermnson
Lakeside Leader

On Thursday, July 26 Major Funk and the Employment performed a free show for community members at the Timber House bar.

Major Funk is a six-piece band from Whitehorse Yukon.

The band was founded in 2014 by bass player Etienne Girard.

It mixes a strong and steadfast rhythm with a colourful collection of guitars, horns, keyboards, and passionate vocals.

Girard calls the band’s style big, unique, and funky, creating a vibrant and rambunctious party atmosphere at every step along the way.

Fiona Solon is lead vocalist, Selina Heyligers Hare is the band’s keyboard player and also a vocalist. Adrian Burrill plays the trumpet and is a vocalist as well, Lee Campese is the drummer, Brent Gallant plays guitar, Andrew MacKelvie and Olivier de Colombe play saxophones, David Dugas and Glen Emond also play guitars. Fred Osson also plays the saxophone and does some vocals and last but not least, Andrea McColeman is another keyboard player for the band.

Major Funk and the Employment rocking the stage at the Timber House.

Drummer Lee Campese makes it look easy.

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