From best friends to business partners

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Bosh was born by two small-town girls from different sides of the country, who met by fate and realized they were soul sisters.

The Bo in Bosh, Bobbie Jo Goodwin, moved to Slave Lake in 2013 from her hometown of Yarmouth Nova Scotia where she reunited with her fiancé who had moved to Slave Lake the year prior.

The Sh in Bosh, Shayla Filgate, grew up in Slave Lake and moved to Edmonton for a few years and decided to return to Slave Lake to raise her young son.

The two women met when working together in Slave Lake and quickly became friends, realizing they shared a love for crafting (as well as peanut butter cups, coffee, music, shopping, and cheese.)

Filgate says they spend countless hours together on Pinterest looking for ideas and creating.

The two stated they kept coming back to the idea of homemade earrings and after talking about it they jumped in with both ears.

Goodwin says the building of the earrings goes in a process. Between the two of them they will cut hundreds of earrings from clay, which then has to be baked for about 30 minutes and after that the earrings have to be glazed and that takes 24 hours.

Bosh earrings are small, light-weight and come in a variety of colours from neon, two tone marbled, pastel and even sparkles.

“We could easily build 200 earrings in three days if we sat from start to finish!” say Goodwin.

Filgate mentions they never took any classes on jewelry making it was all just trial and error.

“We actually made a Facebook post and shared a photo and it said to guess the number of delinquents and I think the number came out to 960-some pairs that we couldn’t use.”

Goodwin says one time they received an order of backs and when they opened the box the girls realized the backs were rounded and they had to pound them out with a hammer to make them flat. She adds they then glued the earring to the backing and they all fell apart.

“It was total trial and error,” says Filgate.

Filgate says they now go to the city to stores such as Michaels to buy supplies.

Goodwins says when the girls first started posting on social media there was a lot of interested people.

“We created a Facebook page and posted pictures on it to get our name out there,” says Goodwin.

Goodwin says they also had people from out of town find their page on Facebook and Instagram.

“We actually do mailing orders to people all the time,” says Goodwin.

The girls have shipped to B.C., Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Edmonton.”

Filgate says they actually have a lady in Devon Alta. who sells their jewelry as well.

Other than earrings, the girls are starting to make necklaces to match the earrings.

To veiw what Bosh has to offer visit Bosh.-byBob&Shay on Facebook or on Instagram at bosh.bybobandShay.

Creators of BOSH Bobbie Jo Goodwin and Shayla Filgate selling their earrings.

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