Fires burning in remote areas

Leader staff

Something was bound to give in the world of wildfires, and in the second week of August it did, with a string of starts across the northern part of Alberta. As of Monday, Aug. 14, eight fires were burning out of control, but only one of them in the Slave Lake District. It was in the extreme northeast of the region, northeast of Chipewyan Lake. On the above date, it was listed at 1,000 hectares in size, but due to its remote location was not threatening any structures. A day later it had grown to an estimated 6,300 ha., reduced later in the day to 5,100. The Aug. 15 wildfire update said the plan was to do controlled burning ahead of the fire to check its spread. A couple of days later it was listed as ‘being held,’ at the size of 5,669 ha.
The High Level District, meanwhile, had five out-of-control fires burning late last week – the largest of which was over 3,000 hectares in size. All were located east of the Tallcree First Nation, which is on or near Hwy. 88 on the way to Fort Vermilion.
The heavy smoke that settled over the region on Sunday, Aug. 13 made a lot of people nervous, but it was from a fire or fires in British Columbia and by the next morning had dissipated.
The fire hazard started out the week as high to extreme in the far northern parts of Alberta, moderating a bit as the week went by.


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