Fire report

ATVs, campfires banned

As of last Friday, the fire danger was rated ‘extreme’ for much of northern Alberta. The Slave Lake district had somehow managed to avoid any major outbreaks of wildfire, but several areas not too far away in the Lac La Biche district were experiencing out of control fires. One, east of Rock Island Lake, was 3,500 hectares and growing at last report. No evacuations had been ordered for Sandy Lake or Calling Lake, but those communities were on alert, pending developments over the weekend.

The fire was reported to be 32 kilometres from Sandy Lake and 24 kilometres from Calling Lake.

The rain in some areas on the night of May 24 was welcome, but it was not widespread and not enough to make a lot of difference to the overall fire hazard.

The fire ban was extended last week to include all campfires. Charcoal briquettes, turkey fryers and tiki torches, Fireworks and exploding targets were also added to the prohibited list. It’s possible this will have changed by the time this newspaper comes out on May 29.

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