Federally, the kids voted differently than the adults

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Over 1.1 million students from 8,000 elementary and secondary schools in all 338 riding participated in Student Vote Canada 2019. Student Vote is a mock vote which teaches children about the voting process, by participating.

In the student vote, the Liberal Party won 110 seats and 22.3 per cent of the popular vote, to form a minority government. In the election, the Liberal minority was much larger, with 157 seats.

Interestingly, the kids picked a different opposition than the adults. They chose NDP, with 99 seats (compared with 24 in the actual election) and 24.8 per cent of the popular vote.

The Conservatives took the highest popular vote with 25.1 percent, but only won 94 seats (compared to 121).

The biggest surprise of the student election was how many seats the Green Party won. They won 28 seats (compared to three) and received 18.2 per cent of the popular vote.

Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School students get their voting cards.

The Bloc Québecois only won 9 seats (compared with 32) and 1.3 per cent of the popular vote.

In Alberta, 214,787 students from 1,496 schools in all 34 ridings voted. In Alberta, 14 parties ran ranging from the four major parties to the Parti Rhinocéros, the Marxist-Leninist Party, the Animal Protection Party and Canada’s Fourth Front. Conservatives won 30 seats (40.1 per cent of the popular vote), NDP won three (21.2 per cent), Liberals won 1 (13.3 per cent). The Green Party didn’t win any seats, but received 10.9 per cent of the popular vote.

In Peace River – Westlock, 5,948 students in 65 schools voted. Five parties ran: Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Green, and People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

In the actual election, Conservative won with 80.8 per cent. The other parties were ranked: NDP, Liberal, PPC, and Green.

In the student vote, Arnold Viersen (Conservative) won with 3,500 – 58.84 per cent, a much lower margin. Jennifer Villebrun (NDP) was second with 797. Fourth, fifth, and sixth were shuffled with Peter Nygaard (Green) receiving 661 votes, Leslie Penny (Liberal) 543, and John Schrader (PPC) 447.

In Slave Lake, two elementary, three secondary and one K to 12 school participated.

At Roland Michener Secondary School, 405 students voted: Viersen (Conservative) won with 228 (56.30 per cent). Villebrun (NDP) received 58 votes, Penny (Liberal) 45, Nygaard (Green) 43, and Schrader (PPC) 31.

At St. Francis of Assisi, 85 students voted. Vierson won with 58 votes (68.24 per cent). Nygaard received 13 votes, Penny six, Villebrun five and Schrader three.

At E.G. Wahlstrom Elementary School, 107 students voted. Villebrun (NDP) won with 55 (51.4 per cent). Viersen received 29, Nygaard 14, Penny six and Schrader three.

At Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School, 69 students voted. Viersen won with 57 votes, which was 82.61 per cent (similar to the actual per cent in the riding). Villebrun received five votes, Schrader four, Nygaard 2, and Penny one.

At Lakeside Outreach School, 15 students voted: nine for Viersen, two for Villebrun, two for Nygaard, one for Penny, and one for Schrader.

At St. Mary of the Lake School, 10 students voted. Penny won with four votes. Nygaard received three votes, Viersen two, and Schrader one.

At Red Earth Creek School, 44 students voted. Nygaard won the school with 20 votes (45.45 per cent). Schrader received 11 votes, Vierson and Penny five each, and Villebrun three.

Kinuso and Smith School results aren’t available.

Arnold Viersen was also a winner with students.

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