Falcons lead junior high volleyball league

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy Falcons are leading junior high volleyball in the area.

In three weeks of league play, Falcons lost only one game, giving them an 11 to 1 league record. They won gold at the first tournament of the season: the court battle classic at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, on September 28.

Volleyball has a short season. Games started the last week in September and divisionals were October 15 in High Prairie (results were not known at time of printing).

The Lakeshore Volleyball League is made up of five teams of junior high girls. The Falcons, Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School Wolves, Roland Michener Secondary School Rams, Kinuso School Knights, and new this year Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik (OPK) Bears, from Bigstone Cree Nation.

Roland Michener Secondary School hosted the third Lakeshore Volleyball League game night on Wednesday, October 9.

Falcons won all of their league games. Rams won three. Wolves won two. Knights won one. Bears none. There are ten games with each team playing four.

Falcons beat Wolves 21 to 5, Knights 21 to 13, Bears 21 to 10, and Rams 21 to 8.

Rams beat Wolves 21 to 18, Bears 21 to 17, and Knights 21 to 18.

Wolves beat Knights 21 to 11 and Bears 21 to 8.

Knights beat Bears 21 to 16.

There’s been some changes, since the league started.

Week two, the Falcons, Rams and Wolves all won three games. Knights won one, and Bears none.

Whereas, week one, Falcons won four, Wolves three, and Rams, Knights and Bears each won one game.

Area teams competed at one tournament: the court battle classic at St. Francis School, on September 27 and 28. There were seven junior high teams. The league teams took the first five spots. Falcons gold, Wolves silver, Rams bronze, Knights fourth and Bears fifth.

This evening, October 16, the league is at St. Francis of Assisi hosted by Slave Lake Koinonia Christian School for the fourth and final regular league games.

The league finals are at Roland Michener on October 23.

Games this season are tracked and teams are ranked from first to fifth. It starts at 5 p.m. with a match for fourth place between the fifth and fourth ranked team. The winner moves on to the semi-finals.

Starting at 6:30, there will be two semi-finals. First vs. fourth and second vs. third.

Starting around 8 p.m., there will be two final games. For gold and silver, the winner plays the winner. For bronze, the loser plays the loser.

“Hopefully, the gym is full and the atmosphere is awesome,” says Kirby. “There is some great volleyball getting played, and these girls are improving so much.”

St. Francis junior high Falcons play volleyball.

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