Excellent stuff, and locally available

We’ll probably do some sort of a preview pretty soon of the Stage North Concert Series for the upcoming 2017/18 season. Or have we already done that? Anyway, the season kicks off on Oct. 13, with the East Coast trio Port Cities. It’s the first of seven shows this season and tickets are on sale.
The concert series program has been successful and will continue that way, we hope. It takes a lot of work by local volunteers, plus solid sponsorship by local firms. All very much to the benefit of the community.
What we’re wondering is how the presence of this first class live entertainment alternative can break through into the consciousness of the majority (let’s face it) of local people who don’t attend these concerts. We know they are out there. We also know that many of them think nothing of driving to Edmonton (or even Calgary) to watch shows at high expense. But they seem unaware or not interested in attending top notch entertainment right here at home that is much more affordable. What is it going to take? What, in fact, is going on?
Part of the answer to that question may be the notion that if it’s local, it can’t be much good. That might be correct in some cases, but in this one, boy, is it ever wrong!


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