Don’t chuck those butts

With fire hazard ranging into the ‘extreme’ range last week, all burning permits were canceled. While this may be inconvenient or annoying, it’s pretty standard practice at this time of year when it gets warm and hasn’t rained for three weeks.

Although we already editorialized about this subject recently, it has only gotten drier and hotter. If this keeps up, we’ll be headed into a total fire ban, which means no open fires of any kind. That kind of puts a damper on summer fun, but the risks are just too high. Any spark in the wrong place can start a fire, and if it’s in the wrong place and the wind picks up, it could soon get out of control and become unstoppable. It is really that simple.

So the authorities keep harping away about cleaning off your ATV mufflers. It gets tiresome, but it matters. Same with chucking cigarette butts out the car window. Don’t do it.

Lighting we can’t do anything about. Everything else we can.

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