Don’t believe everything you see online, find out for yourself

To the Editor:

Facebook can sometimes be a double edge sword, you often read horror stories about how bad our healthcare system is, or how bad a trip to the walk in clinic was. I will be honest that I try not to go to the hospital as much as possible. Not a fan, but two weeks ago that changed.
Two weeks ago I was going about my business and I unexpectedly ran into some trouble, lets just say a dog mistook my hand for a chew toy, it was an interesting experience to say the least. Living in a remote community, Faust, I was worried that the ambulance that was coming wasn’t going to get there in a timely fashion.
Was I wrong! Within 40 minutes of calling 911, the ambulance arrived! The two paramedics that attended to me were fantastic! The two females were friendly, helpful, and most importantly did their job in a fantastic matter, all the while I was trying to not pass out from the pain.
One was funny, kept me calm, and ensured that I was ok. We often forget to thank the paramedics for their work they do. So thank you to the paramedics in this town! And most importantly the two who drove to Faust to pick me up from the side of the road dripping of blood. You ladies are wonderful!
After arriving at the hospital I was informed that there wasn’t a line up to see the nurse or doctor so I wouldn’t have to wait.
Now I come from Ontario, where waiting for a doctor can take from an hour to two hours, on a good day. I’m use to waiting! Heck its in my blood!
I have heard stories from Facebook, about wait times in Slave Lake being from 15 minutes, to as long as two hours. I was suspicious when they said there wasn’t going to be a long wait.
After about a 25-minute wait, which to me wasn’t really that bad, the nurse came in. Didn’t catch her last name but Pat was her first. I’m someone that likes to talk, and likes to ask the people poking me what their doing to me. She was wonderful! We had a wonderful conversation about what had happened and all the new paper work that she had to fill out.
It was fantastic! She was personable, helpful, and great.
After a few moments of talking, the doctor came in to look at my hand, and broke the bad news, I had to get stitches. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go over as I never had stitches before.
To me, the worst part about being in a hospital is when friends come to check up on you, I had three friends come into the room while I was waiting and informed me that stitches could and would probably be painful, so the Doctor took my cut up hand and began injecting it with numbing chemicals, and a few minutes later bam! Done!
Now if my friends told this story they would say that I screamed like a two-year-old, I almost broke ones’ wrist by grabbing onto it too hard, and I almost passed out. Just don’t believe them.
The Doctor was professional, helpful, and very diligent in his job. Heck we had a great convo, while be it one sided, about the new TV show The Good Doctor. To the doctor who stitched me up, thanks! I’m not going to lie; I remember asking his name but don’t remember it. Nurse Pat said he was from Ireland, I believe.
Now I don’t write this to come off a suck up, I just want to say that our healthcare professionals in Slave Lake are amazing! They come to work everyday not knowing what to expect, not knowing what is going to come through the door, and do their job. And sometimes they have to deal with a 30-something year old who is a big whimp when it comes to needles. So thank you!
And while sometimes we may feel that waiting 25-45 minutes can be a hassle, I’m happy as heck to have a local hospital where I can be driven to, and be released all within three hours. In todays world where we often read about the bad that happens rather than the good. I just wanted to take some time to say we are lucky as hell to have a hospital with amazing staff, amazing paramedics, amazing doctors, and amazing nurses.
So from a guy who may have been a little whimpy at the hospital that day, I want to thank all the medical professionals who helped me, and looked after me!

Christopher Brown
Faust, AB


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