Dance performances by kids and the young at heart

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Despite the name, Dancin’ Kids teaches two adult classes as well as kids’ classes.

Owners Heather Auger and Chelsea Lucas considered changing the name, Auger says. But both grew up dancing at this studio, so kept it.

Auger describes the name as “too near and dear to our hearts to switch it.”

Heather Auger and Chelsea Lucas bought the studio from founder Cathy Redgate in 2017.

“Nice to know you don’t have to stop dancing when you stop high school,” Auger says.

Adult classes have been growing, Auger says. They have been asked to add another one next year.

Currently, adult classes are Tap and Jazz. There are more children’s classes.

This year’s adult jazz routine is jazz-funk, Auger says, with a little bit of hip hop and theatre mixed in.

“It’s a funny routine,” Auger says.

On Sunday, May 26, the two adult classes joined the younger dancers for a year-end recital at the Widewater Complex.

The event was originally scheduled at the Legacy Centre, but was moved due to the High Level evacuees. Ranging in age from one-and-a half to adults, the studio has 162 dancers of which 102 perform.

Performers were split into two groups. ‘You’ll Always be a Gem’ at 1 p.m. featured tots, preschoolers, and performance dancers.

Tots are aged one-and-a-half to three. The age of preschooler dancers start with three-years-olds. The performance groups do not go to festivals.

Auger describes the tots performance as lots of running around with ribbons.

At 3 p.m., ‘You were Born to Shine’ featured the festival dancers.

This year the festival dancers competed at More Vibe in St. Albert and Dance Extreme in Sherwood Park.

“(The festivals went) really well,” Auger says. “I’m very proud of all the dancers.”

A highlight of the festivals for Auger was taking her senior dancers out of supper.

Dancin’ Kids offers ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, and aerial silks.

For the aerial silk classes, the studio has nine silks which hang from the ceiling. Dancers learn routines where they hang from the silks.

Silk classes do not perform in the year end performance, because the silks are difficult to move. Classes run six to eight weeks. Students get to show the new routine to parents at the end.

Auger and Lucas teach most of the classes, but Ceri Norberg and Tanya Martin help with a few classes.

Over the summer, Dancin’ Kids offers June silks, two circus camps, two summer kid’s clubs, and a summer intensive.

More information is available on the website

Aleese Statham and Alexa St. Pierre in the character ballet called ‘Code Blue’.
Na Na Na! Ada Ryan, Jordanna Vonrootselaar, Kayla Olsen, Shayna Dyck, Elliyah Mouallem. Photo courtesy Jaymee Tanasiuk.
L.O.V.E – Pre-school ballet, with Eliza Giroux, Kaitlyn King, Kaydence Roy, Stoli Franklin. Photo courtesy Jaymee Tanasiuk

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