Crystal healing comes to Slave Lake farmers market

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

On June 29 the Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce held its first downtown Friday farmers market of the summer at The Brick parking lot.

One of the many vendors who participated in the market was Jan Hunter, owner of ‘Crystal Vibrations’.

Hunter says she became interested in crystals 11 years ago, following the death of her son. She explains how she was trying to find new ways to heal after the loss and found angelic healing, which led her to crystals and crystal healing.

“Angelic healing is a gentle yet powerful healing system. It works on the physical, mental and emotional levels to bring balance to a person’s entire being and can bring about a significant improvement in many aspects of a persons life.”

Hunter says she is a healing practitioner and practices many different types of healing such as crystal dreaming, a method of healing using a pattern of crystals laid around the body. She says the power of crystals triggers a shift in consciousness into an altered state where crystal dreaming occurs. She explains crystal vibrations is a form of healing using crystals on different parts of the body. Hunter also practices reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique used in healing mental and physical pains through the transfer of energy from the practitioner’s hands to the patient’s body.

Hunter is a triple reiki master. She says she also has a vibrational sound table she uses in her reiki sessions, which provides a gentle and vibrating massage to patients.

“I used to have my own shop, but the building was sold a couple of months ago so I decided to travel and do different markets.”

Hunter says her practitioner work is done now by coming into someone else’s shop and sharing their space.

Hunter’s booth at the farmers market feature’s many different types of stones and crystals people could purchase to do their own healing, at home.

Along with performing different types of healing Hunter also reads angel cards.

She says angel cards serve as tools for people seeking guidance in their lives.

“By learning this [about crystals] it has sharpened the intuition we all have inside us.”

Hunter is not local to the community or region; she is from the Alix Alta area, but she explains how a friend who attends the farmer’s markets told her about the markets and now she plans to visits one market a month.

Jan Hunter owner of ‘Crystal Vibrations’.

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