Crossing repairs delayed

Leader staff

Uneven crossings caused by rail line upgrades by CN last year have been a headache for drivers and the Town of Slave Lake for several months. Last week the news was good: CN’s contractor was about to get started on the repair job.

But not so fast: word from the town manager last Wednesday was that the actual work proposed by CN was not adequate.

“There were no plans to fix the sidewalks and the ramps up to the tracks were short resulting in steep slopes,” said Brian Vance in an email to council members and the press. “We are advising them that this is inadequate. This may delay permanent repairs.”

Later that day Vance followed up, saying the town and CN had met, talked it over, and CN had agreed to “reluctantly re-look at the work.”

This will definitely cause delays, but “we need to have it done correctly,” Vance said.

No word yet on how long the delay will be.

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