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Guilty plea results in $2,000 in fines, $2,000 peace bond

Slave Lake Provincial Court
November 27, 2019
Judge G.W. Paul presiding

In a case that was due up for trial, Robie D. Jacobsen instead made things easy on everyone involved by entering a guilty plea to fraud, theft and mischief.

In the case of the fraud accusation, Jacobsen stole a wallet from the locker room at the Slave Lake Aquatic Centre and proceeded to use a credit card from the wallet in nine separate businesses to obtain prepaid gift cards, a prepaid calling card and some food.

The Crown condensed the nine separate charges dealing with each of the separate businesses where the fraud was perpetrated into a single information charging her with defrauding Slave Lake businesses. Jacobsen admitted to the charge.

The mischief charge was in relation to an incident where Jacobsen and a friend broke into Jacobsen’s sister’s camper trailer in the Big Fish Bay RV Park without permission.

Originally charged with housebreaking, Jacobsen pled guilty to the lesser charge of mischief.

Finally on September 3, security footage showed Jacobsen stealing a cell phone at the library.

The owner of the phone filed a victim impact statement saying in part that she had no real care for the phone itself, but it contained a great deal of personal information, particularly irreplaceable photos of her family, especially her grandchildren.

Jacobsen admitted to this offense as well. The phone was never recovered.

As a joint submission, the Crown and Jacobsen’s counsel asked for fines of $400 for the mischief, $1,000 for the fraudulent shopping spree, and $600 for the theft of the phone. They also asked for Jacobsen to be placed under a peace bond requiring her to behave properly and stay away from some of her friends as well as from the owner of the cell phone she stole.

Jacobsen is 39, has two children and until 2018 had no criminal record. Since that time she has had an addiction to meth exacerbated by her circle of drug abusing friends.

She has been attempting to get past her addiction, going to Narcotics Anonymous, volunteering and holding a part time job.

She hopes to rebuild her relationship with her children.

Judge Paul agreed with the joint submission and ordered fines totaling $2,000 for the offenses and ordered a $2,000 peace bond mandating good behaviour and refraining from drug use and contact with her troublesome friends.

He offered the opinion the meth was probably the worst of all the illicit drugs out there because of its relative ease of access and addictive nature.

Becoming a drug addict will quickly cause people to do things out of character for them, as shown by Jacobsen’s clean record up to 2018. He urged her to get all available help to control her substance abuse issues.

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