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A vehicle stolen days after being recovered and other charges

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
November 13, 2019
Judge R. B. Marceau

Appearing in custody in Slave Lake, Kal George Radis (30) changed his plea at trial to two counts and pled guilty to nine other counts. Six counts were withdrawn.

At noon on February 28, 2019, Radis called his ex-girlfriend on the phone, the crown persecutor said. He threatened to slit her throat. He was on a probation with a no-contact condition. The probation was due to a mischief charge.

At trial for this crime, Radis changed his plea to guilty of uttering threats and failure to comply.

In April and May 2019, he was under conditions to report, but didn’t report. In August, Radis failed to appear for docket.

Radis pled guilty to failure to comply with conditions and failure to appear.

At 3:30 p.m. on October 28, 2019, a patrol spotted a 2007 grey GMC pickup driving fast in town, said the crown. The officer recognized the driver as Radis. The officer also knew that Radis was a suspended driver. The officer turned to follow the pickup. Radis sped up. The officer didn’t turn on his siren, because there was a school nearby, which was getting out. Radis was speeding and zigzagging in the road, near the school, but not in the school zone.

After a while, the officer found the pickup parked in a back alley, said the crown. There was a car seat in the vehicle. Radis returned to the vehicle.

The officer checked the registration of the vehicle, the crown said. The vehicle was stolen. A search of the vehicle revealed a knife and what looked like a handgun, but turned out to be a pellet gun.

Radis was under conditions not to have weapons, edged or otherwise.

Radis pled guilty to dangerous driving, breach of conditions, and possession of stolen property.

At 6:30 p.m. on October 29, shortly after he was released for the last crime, Radis went to his ex-girlfriend’s home, said the crown. He was still on no-contact conditions. She was having dinner. She told Radis to leave. He refused. When she tried to make him leave, he slammed her against the table. When she tried to call the police, he tried to grab the phone. When she made contact with the police, he fled.

The next day on October 30, the owner of the stolen GMC went to the lot to pick up his truck, said the crown. On the way there, he met a truck which looked very similar. When he got there, the attendant told him that a Mr. Radis had paid the $168 fine and picked up the truck, without having to fill out paperwork.

On November 4, in the midst of an investigation, police in Fort Saskatchewan found Radis with the pickup, said the crown.

The crown noted “the brazen nature of (Radis) coming into possession of a vehicle impounded days before.”

Radis pled guilty to possession of stolen property.

At another time, Radis argued with his father, said the crown. The father refused to allow Radis to use the father’s truck. Radis took the truck anyway. Police recovered the vehicle and Radis fled.

Radis pled guilty to taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.

Radis’ criminal record started four years ago, said the defense. At the same time, that he became addicted to alcohol and later drugs.

Radis waived the right to Gladue and presentence reports. A vetted victim impact statement was read out in court.

“You breached her trust (Radis’ ex-girlfriend, the assault and threats victim),” said Judge Marceau, “and showed your child what a father shouldn’t be. Alcohol and drug abuse are an explanation, not a mitigating factor.”

Radis received a global sentence of 345 days and $1,300 in fines. This was made up of sentences ranging from 30 to 90 days, all of them consecutive.

For uttering threats, Radis received 60 days. He received 30 days for failure to comply. Radis received 30 days each for dangerous driving, breach of conditions, and possession of stolen property.

Radis received 45 days for possession of stolen property.

Radis received 90 days for assault, plus an order to submit DNA and a weapons ban which starts immediately and extends three years after his release from prison. For the breach of no-contact, he received 30 days.

For failure to report and failure to appear, Radis was fined $400 each. For taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission, he was fined $500.

Radis had credit for 15 days, so 330 days left to serve. As Radis will not be working in prison, time to pay was given until November 20, 2020.

Jason Robert Deacon (49) pled guilty to impaired driving, with a blood alcohol level above 0.16.

On August 23, 2019, a conservation officer reported a vehicle swerve into and then out of the ditch on Hwy. 88, the crown said. When police arrived, they pulled Deacon over. He was unsteady on his feet, slurring his words, and failed an onsite screening. There was an open bottle of vodka in the back seat. At the detachment, Deacon blew 0.2 blood alcohol level, over twice the legal limit.

“The readings are concerning as is the driving pattern,” said the crown.
Deacon had no previous record.

Deacon planned to go to alcohol rehab the day after court.

“Good for you sir, not everyone comes to that decision,” said Judge Marceau.

Deacon received the minimum for impaired driving over 0.16, which is a $2,000 fine, pluys victim surcharge, and a one-year-driving-prohibition.

Time to pay was given until April 30, 2020.

Deacon was not restricted from applying for Interlock.

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