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Cases include damage to a police costing $3,060.68 in restitution

Slave Lake Provincial Court
September 18, 2019
Judge G.W. Paul

In court via closed circuit from Edmonton Remand Centre, Cher Chalifoux pled guilty to impaired driving and numerous charges of failure to appear.

On December 12, 2017, Chalifoux was discovered by police officers slumped unconscious at the wheel of a parked, running vehicle, the crown said. She was taken into custody where it was determined that she had a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit.

Chalifoux was presented by her counsel as having a Grade 9 education and being on social assistance.

Chalifoux was fined $1,500 for the impaired care of the vehicle and $100, $200, and $300 fines respectively for failure to appear in court. A victim surcharge was waived due to her limited means, and she was given till May 2020 to pay or work off the fine.

Slave Lake Provincial Court
September 25, 2019
Judge G.W. Paul

Robert Larson entered a guilty plea for a count of mischief causing damage to a police vehicle.

Larson’s girlfriend called the RCMP to come over to her place to remove Larson, the crown said. Larson was having a bad reaction to methamphetamine. The meth caused him to hallucinate and made him extremely agitated.

Larson was subsequently detained by police and taken to the detachment, the crown said. In the course of his transfer, Larson had a severe psychotic episode and significantly damaged the vehicle.

The crown asked for six months probation mandating addiction treatment if called for, and a restitution order.

Larson’s counsel told the court that he was 37 years old, a class 1 truck driver and that this was his first and last time abusing methamphetamine.

Larson readily agreed to restitution, He was given six months probation with the usual provisions to keep the peace, be of good behaviour and abstain from abuse of illicit substances. He was also ordered to make restitution to the RCMP in the amount of $3,060.68 for the damage he did to their cruiser.

Craig Laboucan was in court to plead guilty to a charge of assault.

The assault took place at the apartment of his then-girlfriend on March 14, said the crown prosecutor. The two became embroiled in a heated argument in which she ordered him out of her apartment.

Things escalated when she began to gather his belongings and throw them outside, said the crown. At this point Laboucan shoved the complainant down a short flight of stairs which resulted in minor injuries to her arm and back. The argument continued for some time before she finally called police, at which time Laboucan left the apartment.

The crown prosecutor presented the fact the Laboucan has a very limited police record, but domestic assault generally merits a starting point of 30 days in custody.

Judge Paul questioned Laboucan about his youth and early family experience to determine if there were Gladue factors in his life than should be considered.

Judge Paul ordered Laboucan to pay a fine of $500, noting that the crown was correct in viewing domestic violence as a serious matter with a sentence that generally starts with jail time. However mitigating factors such as Laboucan’s generally law abiding behaviour and his plea of guilty early on, which spared his ex from having to testify led to him receiving a fine instead of incarceration.

“You should have left when she told you to,” Judge Paul told Laboucan

Brandon Bigstone, in custody at the local detachment, pled guilty to two instances of failure to comply with conditions imposed on him by the court on his release from incarceration for earlier offences.

Bigstone received a further sentence of 14 days consecutive for each offence, for a total of 28 days.

Christopher Ruff pled guilty to operating a motor vehicle with no insurance. As usual, it is an expensive offence. Ruff was fined the standard $2,875 and given until May 2020 to pay.

Chauncy Sneddon pled guilty to a breach of recognizance and a failure to attend court proceedings.

Sneddon fined $100 for the first offence and $200 for the second.

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