Court Report

Man stabbed in the back and other crimes and tickets

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
July 24, 2019
Judge M. B. Golden

Appearing in custody in Slave Lake, Justin Reza Guenette (27) pled guilty to aggravated assault.
On June 17, 2019, police were in a residential area of Slave Lake, the crown prosecutor said. A witness ran out of a house yelling someone had been stabbed.
Police investigated and found a male victim was stabbed six times in the back.
Police entered the house and found Guenette lying on a bed, the crown said. He had a kitchen knife tucked into his pants. He gave the police a name similar to his own, but his real name was quickly discovered.
The victim didn’t really know Guenette, the crown said. He remembers Guenette saying something about a shirt. When his back was turned, he felt someone hit is back. At first, he thought he was being punched, but it turned out he was being stabbed. Thankfully, nothing vital was hit and the victim has recovered.
Guenette has a criminal record including 11 prior assaults, most of which resulted in jail time, the crown said. Four of these assaults included a weapon. He also has three convictions for possession of a weapon. Some of these assaults were from when he was a youth, but are admissible because there is no break between the youth and adult convictions.
Guenette struggles with methamphetamine and alcohol addictions, homelessness and poverty, the defence said.
Guenette was sentenced to one year (365 days) in prison and prohibited from owning some firearms and knives, except for eating and preparing food, for 10 years. He was prohibited from possessing other weapons for life. He was also ordered to submit a DNA sample.
Guenette had 56 days credit, so 309 days remaining

Calvin Lee Grey pled guilty to driving a motor vehicle while under prohibition and failure to appear under the Traffic Safety Act and the Provincial Offences Procedure Act. Neither is a criminal conviction.
The failure to appear was on April 24, 2019. No other details were given.
Grey was given another prohibition from driving and fined $345 for driving a motor vehicle while under prohibition. He was fined $100 for failure to appear. Time to pay was given until November 29, 2019.

John Fredrick Metzner pled guilty to assault and uttering threats.
On May 7, 2019, RCMP received a call from Metzner’s step daughter accusing him of assaulting her brother, the crown said. He had also said threats to her which she believed he would do. This made her fearful to live in the same house as him.
On May 6, Metzner approached his stepson on the street. He grabbed him by the shirt, kicked him several times, and pulled him into the house, the prosecutor said. In the son’s bedroom, he pushed his head against the window and smacked him in the head.
Metzner said he kicked his stepson in the butt and smacked him upside the head, because he was starting fires in fire season and hanging out at a drug house.
Metzner’s record was admitted.
There is some violence, the crown said, but it is dated.
His convictions are well over 12 years old, Metzner said.
The crown and judge both considered Metzner’s position of trust with the children as an aggravating factor.
Metzner was sentenced to 12 months of probation with no contact with his stepchildren.
The probation also includes that he keep the peace and be of good behaviour, report to a probation officer, and take counselling as directed.

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