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Meth addiction fuels thefts and fraudulent 911 calls

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
July 3, 2019
Judge G. W. Paul

Appearing via closed circuit camera from Edmonton Remand Centre, Daniel Ryan Kuhberg pled guilty to nine criminal charges for four different offenses. These were two counts of possession of a controlled substance and seven connected with theft.

The theft crimes were theft of a motor vehicle, breaking and entering, possession of break-in tools, breach of condition and three counts of possession of stolen property.

On February 12, 2019, Kuhberg was arrested on an unrelated matter, the crown prosecutor said. During a search, police found a cheque which was stolen in a break and enter in December 2018.

A complainant left his vehicle running and unattended in Dom’s parking lot, on March 2, 2019, the crown said. Someone stole it.

Video surveillance caught the culprit entering the vehicle and driving away. Police recognized Kuhberg in the video.

When police found the vehicle, Kuhberg’s backpack was in it.

On March 27, 2019, police investigated a break and enter, which included the theft of payment cards, the prosecutor said. Someone used these cards at a local business. Police identified Kuhberg on video surveillance paying with them.

Upon Kuhberg’s arrest, police found 0.4 grams of methamphetamine in his backpack.

Police investigated a break and enter at a house, on April 17, 2019, the crown said. The culprit stole a computer, tablet and wallet with ID and payment cards. The security camera on the house caught a clear picture of Kuhberg, despite his attempt to mask his appearance.

Police received a tip about Kuhberg’s location. They staked it out.

Kuhberg arrived with the stolen laptop and some methamphetamine in his backpack.

Kuhberg also had pliers and bolt cutters. He was under conditions not to have break-in tools.

Police learned that he had used the stolen cards at a local convenience store.

“You are an addicted person stealing to support your habit,” Judge Paul said to Kuhberg. He added, fines and probation haven’t worked. “Jail is the only thing left. When you get out, I urge you to seek treatment (for meth addiction).”

Kuhberg was sentenced to consecutive prison sentences for each of the theft related crimes.

For the three possessions of stolen property, possession of break-in tools, and breach of condition, he was sentenced to seven days each. He was sentenced to 28 days for theft of a motor vehicle and 168 days for breaking and entering.

Kuhberg was fined $300 for each possession of a controlled substance. Time to pay was not given. The default time will be served concurrent with the rest of the sentence.

The total sentence was 231 days (33 weeks), less credit for 93, with 138 days remaining.

Kyle David Twin (28) entered a guilty plea to a provincial offense under the Emergency 911 Act.

On or about May 3, 2019, police received a 911 call, the crown said. They arrived at the house to find Twin under the influence of drugs. There was no emergency.

Over the days prior to this, Twin called 911 30 times because he was using meth and hallucinating. There was no emergency on any of these occasions.

The defence said that Twin was new to meth and regretted using it.

“911, Mr. Twin, is a very important and valuable resource,” Judge Paul said. “If drugs cause you to misuse it again, you are going to jail.”

Twin was fined $500. Time to pay was given until October 9, 2019. Left unpaid the default time is 10 days in prison.

The conviction does not result in a criminal record, since it was a violation of a provincial offense. It is similar to a traffic ticket.

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