Court Report

From ‘bizarre gratuitous damage’ to trespassing

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
April 23, 2019
Judge G. W. Paul

Tyler C. Genaille appeared via closed circuit video from Peace River Correctional Centre to plea guilty to mischief damage.
On February 23, 2019, at around 3:00 p.m. police were dispatched to Genaille’s parents home. He was intoxicated, causing a disturbance, and refusing to leave, the crown prosecutor said..
The night before he came to his parents place. He was drunk. He was hallucinating and damaging furniture with a knife.
That day, he became a physical danger to his parents, so they called the police. He pushed his father and damaged more furniture.
According to the crown, police found the house in disarray. A cushion slashed with a knife and a table that had been stabbed.
Genaille’s criminal record was admitted. He has prior mischief damage convictions. Two similar and one more serious from September 2018.
“It’s very maddening Mr. Genaille,” Judge Paul said. He added, not for the first time, you breached your parents trust, because of substance abuse.
Genaille was sentenced to seven days, commencing on the day of court and one year common law peace bond of $1,000 with the condition that he may only go to his parents’ home when invited and is clean and sober.

Appearing via closed circuit video from Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre, Elliot Tyler Houle (32) entered pleas of guilty to resisting a peace officer and possessing a prohibited weapon.
On March 9, 2019, the Slave Lake RCMP GIS Unit had certain individuals under surveillance. They received a tip that a certain vehicle contained persons of interest: one for weapons violations and the other for outstanding warrants, the crown prosecutor said.
They attempted to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle sped away. A lengthy chase ensued.
Police eventually stopped the vehicle using a spike belt. The passenger, Houle, jumped out of the vehicle and ran. He ran a significant distance from Highway 2 into the bush with police chasing him. One hour later police located him. He had a prohibited knife in his possession.
The prosecutor read out Houle’s conviction report including a previous weapons conviction from February 9, 2019.
Since this was his second weapons charge, Houle was sentenced to 90 days, with 74 days credit, plus a 15 year ban from some weapons and a lifetime ban from others.
“Fully expect next judge will prohibit you for life,” Judge Paul said.
For resisting a peace officer, Houle was sentenced to 60 days concurrent, so no days remaining.

Harlon Auger (29) pled guilty to breach of probation and a reduced charge of mischief.
These charges were from two occasions. Auger was scheduled to report to his parole officer on October 24, but did not report. On November 9, Slave Lake RCMP checked with probation about his whereabouts. He last reported on October 22, the crown prosecutor said.
On December 2, 2019 at 3:45 a.m., police attended an alarm at Roland Michener Secondary School. Police found no one inside, but lockers appeared to have been gone through.
A witness had observed two males inside, although the building was locked and secured.
Outside, police noticed two sets of footprints circling the building and entering and leaving the west door. Police followed the footprints to the ATB.
They found Auger and another male inside. The two matched the witness’ description. The other person had a backpack with items which appeared to have been taken from the school.
According to the prosecutor, Auger insisted on giving a statement. He said he and the other man had walked to the school and checked doors. They found the west door unlocked and went in. Auger stood in the entrance, while the other man went inside and went through lockers.
Judge Paul described the offenses as “strange type of offenses people like Mr. Auger fall into.”
Auger was given a suspended sentence of three months probation.

Elijah James Laboucan (21) pled guilty to two counts of mischief damage.
On November 11, 2018, in Slave Lake. Police received a call that a vehicle was damaged outside a family home, the crown prosecutor said. The vehicle belonged to a young man.
The 13-year-old brother of the victim witnessed Laboucan smashing the vehicle with some object. Video footage from the house security cameras showed Laboucan striking the vehicle in a violent manner with a hammer.
Laboucan was found at his mother’s house. The hammer was found in her car. He was believed to be intoxicated.
On November 29, 2018 at 2:33 a.m., police received a report of a rock thrown through a window and a car smashed, the prosecutor said. Police interviewed two witnesses who had been threatened that night by Laboucan via Snapchat. Shortly, after they heard smashing outside.
That same night, police received another report of a damaged vehicle. A Dodge Charger was struck with a baseball bat, the crown prosecutor said.
Police picked up Laboucan, who admitted to threatening people via Snapchat and damaging the vehicles.
Laboucan did not have a previous record.
“This is bizarre gratuitous damage done to vehicles and random acts of violence,” Judge Paul said. “Fines lower end of the scale, but substantial fines within the range.”
Laboucan was fined $1,000 for the first instance, and $2,000 for the second, and ordered to pay restitution of $1,695.86 to the one victim who requested it.
“Probably should man up and pay the others,” Judge Paul said.

Matthew McKinley pled guilty to unauthorized possession of a credit card and shoplifting under $5,000.
The crown prosecutor read about both arrest reports.
McKinley had previously pled not guilty to unauthorized possession, but changed his plea. In 2018, he used someone else’s credit card to buy $31 of alcohol in Slave Lake. He did not have permission to have the card.
On February 22, police received video footage of a male stealing two bottles of perfume from Shoppers Drug Mart. Police identified and located McKinley.
At court, McKinley did not remember the details, because he said he was high at the time, but admitted it happened.
“Alcoholism and addictions aren’t a crime,” Judge Paul said. “These things which come out of it are.”
McKinley was fined $200 each for the two offenses.

Two individuals were fined $2,875 for driving without insurance. Failure to pay equals 45 days in prison.

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