Court Report

Varied charges, but all include substance abuse

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
April 3, 2019
Judge J. A. Watson presiding

David Justin James pled guilty to 16 of 33 charges via closed circuit camera from Edmonton Remand Centre.
The majority were weapon charges. Four counts of firearm possession without a license. One count of possessing a prohibited weapon. Three counts of careless use and storage of a weapon. Three counts of possession contrary to order. One count of carrying a concealed weapon.
The remaining charges were: two counts of controlled substance possession, one count of breach of condition, and one count of resisting a peace officer.
Police found four rifles, one sawed off, in Mr. James’ possession. Three were loaded. They also found: ammo, brass knuckles, batons, a sword, and methamphetamine. All weapons were confiscated.
On a later date, Mr. James resisted arrest. Another baton and drugs were found on his person.
Sentencing will take place on May 1.

Jack Daniel Dietz pled guilty to harassment by means of the telephone.
On January 3, 2019, Slave Lake RCMP removed Mr. Dietz from a residence. He was high at the time. No charges were laid, but he was to have no contact with the inhabitant of the residence.
The next morning, 20 minutes after he was released, police received a complaint that he was at the residence. Police found him in the nearby Walmart parking lot. They agreed to help him go back to collect his possessions.
Later, Mr. Dietz was found kicking and pounding on the door and continuously texting the occupant.
Mr. Dietz was sentenced to 12 months probation with the condition that he have no contact with the complainant and seek help to overcome substance abuse.

Via an advocate, Dwain Seppola changed his plea to guilty to the charge of causing a disturbance while intoxicated. He did not attend court because he moved to Medicine Hat .
When the charges were laid, Mr. Seppola was panhandling outside the No Frills in Slave Lake in an aggressive manner, which frightened patrons. The security guard asked him to leave. Mr. Seppola yelled at the guard and tried to start a fight. Instead, the guard called the police.
When the police arrived, he yelled at them and tried to start a fight. Mr. Seppola was visibly intoxicated.
A former resident of Canyon Creek, he moved to Medicine Hat to try and clean up his act.
Mr. Seppola was sentenced under common law peace bond to not be within 100 meters of the Slave Lake No Frills for 12 months and to a $200 fine.

Janelle Sheena Auger changed her plea to guilty of mischief obstruction. The crown withdrew another charge.
On December 21, 2018, Ms. Auger and another individual were in Boston Pizza using the VLTs. Ms. Auger was asked to leave because she brought food in from elsewhere. She refused to leave and started swearing at the staff. RCMP were called. She was clearly intoxicated. She ignored the RCMP’s request to leave and continued to play on the VLTs. She was forcibly removed.
Ms. Auger was sentenced under common law peace bond to not enter the Boston Pizza for 12 months and a nominal fine of $200.

Via her lawyer, Charmaine M. Cardinal changed her plea to guilty for various charges related to public nuisance while intoxicated and for failure to attend court.
In May 2018, 2018, she was charged with failure to comply with a condition. While under conditions not to drink, she was found in High Prairie drunk and carrying vodka and a wine cooler.
While still under condition, she entered a liquor store in High Prairie and stole two mini liquor bottles. This resulted in a charges of breach and theft.
From June to September on three occasions, she failed to attend court.
On November 1, police found Ms. Cardinal very drunk at the Slave Lake Library. She was arrested. In the midst of booking, she turned and kicked a peace officer in the leg, which resulted in the charge of assaulting a peace officer.
In the winter, at the Mat Program, she was intoxicated and causing trouble. Police were called.
The crown and defence presented a joint submission that the non-trivial number of charges could be reduced to drunk nuisance and not showing up to court.
Ms. Auger was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 12 months probation with the conditions that she seek residential treatment and report weekly.

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