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Assault, impaired, mischief among matters in provincial court

Slave Lake Provincial Court
March 6, 2019
Judge A. Chrenek presiding

Appearing in court via closed circuit TV from the Peace River Correctional Centre was Dick Noskiye. He pled guilty to a charge of break and enter and failure to appear at his trial in which civilian witnesses were in attendance. On June 20, 2017 Noskiye was removed from the Red Earth Lodge which was closed during their off season. It appeared that he had been living there for a while when he was discovered. There was minor damage to one of the door jambs where Noskiye had broken in. He was charged with breaking and entering. He missed his subsequent trial and was charged with failure to appear at a court proceeding.

Noskiye, age 42 and single, claimed that he has had addiction problems with which he has largely dealt over the last few years, but he fell off the wagon. Also, that he missed the trial due to needing to deal with his mother, who was ill in an Edmonton hospital at the time.

Judge Chrenek noted that his record was indeed dated, but breaking and entering is a serious offense, as was missing a trial in which there were civilian witnesses. She sentenced Noskiye to 60 days in custody for the break and enter and 30 days for the failure to appear, to be served consecutively.

Alexander Karabin pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. The incident took place on January 1, 2019, at approximately 2:00 a.m. when RCMP officers observed a vehicle backing out of a local drinking establishment’s parking area and driving away in an erratic manner. Upon making the stop they found the driver, Karabin, to be in a serious state of intoxication.

Karabin acknowledged that he should never have been behind the wheel in that state. He was given the mandatory $2,000 fine and one year driving prohibition.

Also appearing via closed circuit from PRCC, Michelle Daisy Auger pled guilty to the breaching conditions of her release from custody. Ordered to stay at the home of her uncle in High Prairie, Auger was subject to a curfew. When officers went by to check on her compliance, they were told that Auger hadn’t been there for a month.

Judge Chrenek observed that not being where she was supposed to be for a month was quite a bit different than being 10 minutes late for curfew. For her breach Auger was sentenced to seven days in custody.

Also from PRCC, Conway Blake Laboucan appeared in court to plead guilty to charges of mischief and obstructing a peace officer. Laboucan and a friend with whom he had been staying were drinking when some altercation arose between them and Laboucan’s friend decided to kick him out of the house. Laboucan then proceeded to attempt to break into the house. The RCMP was called at which time Laboucan attempted to obstruct their investigation of the incident by giving a false name.

Laboucan admitted that he was “hammered” and not using good judgment. Judge Chrenek noted that the fact that Laboucan had been staying at the residence mitigated the offense considerably and sentenced Laboucan to 30 days incarceration, with credit for 14 days already served.

Jonathan Noskiye was placed under a peace bond of $1,000 and ordered not to set foot inside Mary Brown’s in Slave Lake for a year’s time. Noskiye, heavily intoxicated, was in Mary Brown’s causing a disturbance and refused to leave when asked. RCMP had to be called to remove him.

Pamela Nadine Alook pled guilty to mischief and was also placed under a peace bond of $1,000. She was ordered to stay away from Thompson Landing apartment complex for a year’s time due to an incident in which Alook was caught on tape trying to damage one of the security cameras.

Lanita Shaleen Grande pled guilty to the charge of unauthorized possession of a weapon due to an incident on January 3, 2019. RCMP were summoned to the Fairway Lounge to deal with a female patron with bear spray. When asked about it, Grande told officers it was to protect herself from the people who beat her up earlier. Upon learning Grande’s intent to use it as a weapon, she was charged and the spray confiscated.

Grande was fined $250 and permanently forfeited the bear spray.

Allen Quintal pled guilty to operating a vehicle drunk. On January 24, 2019, patrolling officers noted a vehicle swerving in the street, and signaling a left turn then turning to the right. When they contacted Quintal, officers smelled alcohol and arrested him.

Quintal was fined the mandatory $2,000 and given a year’s driving prohibition.

Logan Bedford of Slave Lake was sentenced in an Edmonton court last week on charges of assault and mischief. The incidents happened in Slave Lake last spring. Had he contested the charges, Bedford would have been tried in Slave Lake. When sentencing is moved to another community, it is granted on the condition of a guilty plea.

According to Slave Lake RCMP, Bedford received a 12-month suspended sentence (with probation) on the assault, and was ordered to pay $855 in restitution. On the mischief charge he was fined $1,500.

The circumstances, as provided by the Slave Lake RCMP, are as follows:
“On June 1, 2018 the Slave Lake RCMP were alerted to an incident taking place on May 31, 2018. It was alleged that a male attended a residence and forced his way inside. While in the residence, the male assaulted a female occupant. During this confrontation, the victim’s cell phone was broken and she could not call for help.

The victim was able to break free from the suspect and attended a neighbouring house for help. A 25-year-old male was arrested and charged in relation to this occurrence. The accused and the victim were known to one another.”

The said victim has since relocated to New Brunswick, fearing for her safety. She told The Leader in a phone interview recently that she is still dealing with the results of a concussion she suffered in the assault. She thinks the probation and fine are insufficient.

“I thought I did the right thing by calling the police,” she said. “But justice is not served. It’s just discouraging.”

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