Court Report

Slave Lake Provincial Court
September 26, 2018
Judge G.W. Paul presiding

Appearing via closed circuit from PRCC was Skylar Bigstone, who pled guilty to assault with a weapon and possession of a controlled substance. On September 10 of this year RCMP were called to attend at the scene of what was first thought to be a drug overdose. Upon investigation it was discovered that the victim had been sprayed with bear spray. A search turned up Bigstone, who was taken to the Detachment. It was later discovered that Bigstone had a small vial of meth on his person which he had attempted to smuggle into the lockup.
Judge Paul noted that Bigstone had been arrested previously for a similar incident, which was an aggravating factor. He also noted that his early guilty plea was in his favour, along with the fact that the victim was Bigstone’s brother who was thereby spared having to be a witness against Bigstone in court. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, with credit for 24 days served, fined $300 for the possession of the meth, given a three-year prohibition against possession of firearms and other weapons, and was ordered to surrender a DNA sample.
* * * * *
The first business of the day was Martin Auger, who was in custody at the Slave Lake Detachment, having been picked up on a warrant for failure to appear at a court date to address the charge of operating a vehicle without insurance. He pled guilty and was fined the $2,875 plus a victim’s surcharge of $100 for the offense. He was given until early July to pay.
* * * * *
Also in court for operating a motor vehicle without insurance was Terry Raymond who likewise pled guilty and was fined a like amount.
* * * * *
Appearing in court via closed circuit TV from Peace River Correctional Centre was Julius Alook, to plead guilty to the charge of driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level exceeding .08. Alook was serving a three-year driving prohibition when he was arrested twice in quick succession for drunk driving in May of this year, and is presently serving a 120-day stint in custody for the first recent drunk driving conviction.
Duty counsel presented that Alook is a Wabasca family man who plans to attend the Wabasca branch of Northern Lakes College as soon as he gets out and that he hoped for some leniency by being able to serve the sentence for both drunk driving incidents concurrently.
It was not to be. Noting that the two offenses occurred so closely together, that they had been committed while Alook was already on a driving suspension and that the last one also involved a minor accident with another vehicle, Judge Paul was not inclined to leniency and imposed an additional 120 days in custody to be served consecutively with the first. He also said he would recommend Alook for any alcohol addiction treatment programs that might be available to him during his incarceration for whatever it was worth.
* * * * *
Darnel Brule pled guilty to theft under $5,000, and twice failing to appear at court proceedings. The theft occurred on September 10, 2017, when RCMP were called to the scene by the victim who observed two suspects, one of whom was Brule, rummaging through his truck. He yelled at them, and the two ran. The victim was able to chase and catch Brule, who he then held for the RCMP officers. Brule was apparently intoxicated and offered no further trouble.
Brule is a young man with no prior record; a student at Northern Lakes College. Judge Paul ended up fining him $200 for the theft, and $100 each for his failures to appear in court. Paul then urged Brule to stay in school, get a ticket and make a life for himself.

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