Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial court
August 9, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

Up for sentencing was Ricky Andrew Loyie, who appeared in court via closed circuit television from Peace River Correctional Centre (PRCC). Earlier in 2017, Loyie pled guilty to three charges, including one count of possessing stolen property, one count of possessing of prohibited and restricted firearm and one count of possessing a prohibited firearm.
According to Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich, a local business was robbed on Jan. 30, 2017 and various items and cheques were taken. A day after the incident happened, Loyie was caught trying to cash one of said cheques.
Officers then did some investigating and saw Loyie taking equipment out of a toolbox (which was later identified as stolen).
Hurich said, not long after officers witnessed Loyie removing tools from his vehicle, they carried out a search warrant on Loyie and found him to have stolen tools, stolen ammunition and a 12-gage sawed off shotgun in his truck. When RCMP searched his home, they found a variety of weapons, firearms and stolen property.
“The Crown is asking for a global sentence of three years, a further firearm prohibition and for all items seized to be returned to rightful owners or to the RCMP,” said Hurich. “This isn’t your lawful gun owner – on the spectrum of things, this is far more criminal.”
Paul told Loyie, Hurich and defense attorney Bruce Maunder that he would need some time to think about the length of sentence.
* * * * *
Wally Joseph Noskiye appeared in court via closed circuit television from Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) and pled guilty to one count of being in possession of stolen property.
Hurich told the court Slave Lake RCMP responded to a motor vehicle accident earlier in 2017. Officers did some digging and found out that Noskiye was involved; when they spoke with him, Noskiye admitted to knowing the car was stolen when he got into it.
Paul released Noskiye after crediting him for time served.
* * * * *
A local youth was fined $439 for driving a whopping 57 km over the speeding limit. Hurich knocked off 10 km from the original ticket after him and duty council worked out a resolution.
“She was going 137 in an 80 zone,” said Hurich.
Paul sliced the fine in half because of her age; the original ticket was priced at $839.
* * * * *
Kevin Beaver pled guilty to one count of being in possession of counterfeit money. Hurich said that on May 21, 2017, Beaver was panhandling outside a business in Slave Lake when he knowingly accepted a fake $50 bill. Apparently, the person who gave Beaver the cash said if he went and cashed it he could keep $20 for himself and would have to return the rest.
Beaver attempted to do so at a local gas station at which time the cashier took the counterfeit bill and called the police. Paul imposed a total fine of $260.
* * * * *
David Nigel Houle appeared and pled guilty to three charges, including one count of assaulting a police officer, one count of failing to comply with conditions and one count of breaching probation. The court heard from Hurich, who said Houle’s charges result from two different incidents. First was on Feb. 18, 2017 when RCMP responded to a domestic situation inside his home. Officers said Houle became quite agitated, grabbed a boot and chucked it at them. Hurich said at the time of the incident, Houle was on probation relating to previous breach charges. Then on March 13, 2017, police responded to a complaint at a business in Red Earth in which Houle was intoxicated and trying to start fights with customers.
When they arrived officers said they found Houle on the floor, asleep and smelling of booze. Paul imposed a 12-month probationary period on Houle with conditions that he abstains completely from alcohol.


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