Construction season is here

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

In an off-week for Town of Slave Lake news, we gave the town’s project manager Doug Baird a call. Not surprisingly, he had news.

5th and 5th NE – Rumours that the town is only doing half of 5th St. are only half true, more or less. The part south of 4th Ave. was never in the scope, says Baird. On the other hand, a bit of the top end of 6th Street was added, so as to complete the drainage improvements all the way out to 6th Ave. NE.

So the part that is getting done was all dug up last week, and resurfacing is to follow.

“It’s going really well,” Baird said.

Regional waterline – work around the airport is pretty much finished; so is work around the complex at Widewater. All the tie-ins come next. Baird said there are “30-some” of those to do.

Sidewalk repairs – Baird says there are 44 sites ID-ed for repairs, but not enough money in the budget (barring a surprisingly low bid by a reputable contractor) to get them all done. It’s expected 32 sites will be repaired. They are ranked in order of how badly damaged they are.

In a related note, CN Rail is paying for sidewalk repairs at the two crossings in town. Sidewalk repairs at the MRC come under another budget.

Fifth St. NE was all ripped up last week, awaiting new pavement.

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