Construction pace picks up with change in weather

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The reconstruction of 5th Ave. NW in Slave Lake has been getting on people’s nerves for a variety of reasons. One is that it has been dragging on longer than expected.

But last week, thanks to a prolonged period of sunshine and warmer temperatures, saw the pace pick up.

“Huge,” says Town of Slave Lake Project Manager Doug Baird, on the difference the weather made. “It allows them to work at full capacity.”

What they were doing last week was building a sub-base. Baird was hoping they would be able to get to the curb and gutter part of the job by the end of the week. That will take a few days to cure and by then colder weather and snow (or rain) may have arrived. Baird says the possibility of getting the paving done this fall is still there, but it would be “pushing it.”

The other big town project going on at the moment is over at the sewage lagoons. Two cells are being prepped for a new type of treatment system. It’s a multi-million-dollar upgrade that the town was forced into making due to new higher standards on effluent. The work will ramp down towards the end of this year, to resume in the spring.

As for the regional raw water line in from Widewater, there was a line break a couple of weeks ago. Baird said that has been fixed and the cause is being studied. Meanwhile, the ‘pigging’ (cleaning) of the new line and pressure testing have re-commenced.

Lastly, the new water line in the north end of town will get some attention this week. The contractor had taken some time off to attend to other business, Baird says. The break will probably turn out to be a good thing, since the high water table made the connections very hard to do. Colder weather and lower water levels will both be of benefit.

Work on 5th Ave. NW was going full bore last week, aided by dry warm weather.

Work on the new sewage lagoon.

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