Community Assistance Board

The M.D.’s Community Assistance Board, which consists of all the members of the M.D. council, convened its second meeting of the year on May 9 in Smith.

Board chair Brad Pearson said there were four requests for funding this time around, totaling $19,602.80. This followed an outlay of $10,000 to three applicants earlier in the year. The CAB has $40,000 to give away this year.

This time around, Flatbush Help Services requested $2,000 to cover mileage for those taking seniors to medical appointments; Smith Community Development Council requested $6,576 to buy new Christmas lights; Smith Traildusters requested $9,876.80 to replace wooden fences with pipe fences; Flatbush Silver Threads Society requested $1,150 for repairs to a concrete pad in front of the new door.

To discuss the applications, council went into closed session. Coming out of that, they approved the following motions:
Flatbush Help Services – $2,000; Smith Community Development Council – $4,800; Smith Traildusters – defer a decision pending a reapplication with “solid numbers”; Flatbush Silver Threads Society – $1,150.

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