Coincidence? Maybe it was, after all

Two fires two weeks apart in the same spot south of Widewater? How does that happen?

Three possibilities come to mind: one is that it’s a coincidence. You have to allow for it. Another is that the last fire wasn’t put out properly. The third, of course, is that some troublemaker went back and started the fire in the same (or almost the same) spot, for reasons known only to him or her.

We await the official word, but won’t be holding our breath.

One thing is for sure – fire investigators are having a very busy season so far.

It turns out the location wasn’t exactly the same as the one on June 1 – the infamous ‘dead body fire.’ But pretty darn close!

Lightning had happened in the area a couple of days earlier, officials say. And (this just in!) it has been confirmed it was lightning. The investigator found the exact spot.

Speaking of that fire, it would not have taken much for it to get into the built-up area of Canyon Creek. The wind was blowing exactly in that direction. The aerial assault by the planes, skimming off the nearby lake provided a grand showcase of their talents and the difference it can make when those folks get onto a fire quickly. Not to mention the big planes dropping red retardant around the edges and ground forces bulldozing a break around all 14 hectares of the fire. That is exactly how the system is supposed to work, and when it does, it is pretty impressive.

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