Coffee with Community Futures

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Throughout the month of November, Community Futures has been set up inside the FIX. Coffee Bar & Bakery allowing community members to come chat face-to-face with business analyst Ron Rogers.

Josh Friesen, Executive Director for Community Futures, says Rogers is the guy that clients go to to talk about coaching, business guidance and business loans.

Friesen says at first the ‘coffee chats’ were slow and not a lot of people were coming to talk, but the last couple of times they hosted, Rogers had gotten quite a few enquiries about loans and about different business ventures.

“Just even having one a day is a win for us. It can be really difficult to get people through the doors to talk about business.”

“There are a lot of hurdles when talking about business and fear is one of them, so having just one person per sitting is a win.”

Friesen adds what inspired these ‘coffee chats’ is having Community Futures located out of town at the Visitor Information Centre which can be inconvenient for a lot of people. It doesn’t give Community Futures enough face time with the public.

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