Cash for ag projects

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Certain types of improvements on farms are eligible for government financial support. For example, fencing streams to keep livestock out of them, or making a crossing for the same purpose. Both would fall under the type of improvement the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) exists to support.

CAP is the successor to the Growing Forward 2 program, which provided federal and provincial funding for similar upgrades in the ag sector. According to Mike Hittinger in the Westlock office of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, it’s an overall $3 billion program spread out over five years – 60 per cent from the feds and 40 per cent from the province. Most of that goes into insurance programs; the remaining 15 per cent is what Hittinger works on.

“Call 310-FARM,” he says. “Or go to the website ( and click on the ‘subscription’ button.” That’ll get you regular updates as the various programs under CAP are rolled out.

Grazing and riparian management is one area. Another is manure management. Others are in the area of pesticide and fertilizer application – all apparently aimed at reducing negative environmental impacts. Relocation of facilities is another.

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