Cannabis bylaw gets first reading

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

During its regularly scheduled Tuesday night meeting, council considered a proposal to amend various sections of the land use bylaw by adding regulations with respect to cannabis.

On October 17 Canada will legalize recreational cannabis.

The town’s planning department has been waiting for the province to pass their regulations.

On August 14 the planning department brought the regulations to council and asked for clarification of council’s vision.

Taking into consideration council’s direction, the planning department created a bylaw amendment. The bylaw was reviewed by council at the September 4 council meeting and by the public at an open house on September 6.

The bylaw showed setbacks of 30, 40 and 50 metres away from schools and heath care facilities.

Council feels the proposed bylaw captured their direction.

Councillor Brice Ferguson had some questions regarding the matter. He addressed that during the open house members of the public were asking for as far back as 110 meters from schools and healthcare facilities.

Ferguson put the question out to members of council, “Why have an open house if we are not going to listen to what people want?”

Ferguson added it might be discouraging to come to an open house and not be heard.

Councillor Darin Busk said there were people coming out who were not in favour of cannabis even coming to the community so they want the furthest metre away. He said personally if it is coming to the community it’s not going to matter if it is 50 or 100 meters away people who want it in the community are still going to go look for it to buy it.

“I think you will have the same argument wherever you put it in the community,” said Busk.

A motion was made that amend various sections of the land use bylaw and give first reading to an amended version. The required public hearing is scheduled October 2.

The motion was carried.

Crossfit seeks zoning change
In other town council news from the Sept. 11 meeting, a proposal was made by Robbie Cote of Crossfit Slave Lake to relocate his business to an industrial area located along Caribou Trail. Zoning does not currently allow for this.

The gym is currently classified under Personal Services.

Council heard that most crossfit gyms in other communities are zoned under indoor recreation establishment, which allows for locating in an industrial area.

Reasons for needing rezoning include: Dropping weights which requires well-built re-enforced concrete floors.

Many of the buildings in the current zone have wooden floors or aged concrete unsuitable.

Loud music and disrupting neighbouring businesses.

Workouts often involve being outside, running, pushing steel sleds and flipping heavy tires while coaches shout in encouragement.

Classes start at 6:00 a.m. and end at 8:00 p.m.

Council heard that complaints about the business have come in from the neighbourhood around the current downtown location on Main Street. A motion was made to amend various Sections of the land use bylaw and give first reading to an amended version. The required public hearing is scheduled October 2. The motion was carried.

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