Campaign for bus safety continues

‘Some drivers just don’t get it’

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

While talking about seatbelts on school buses last week, the related topic of safety for kids getting onto and off of school buses came up.

Are people still ignoring the flashing red lights and passing schoolbuses? we asked Harry Davis of the High Prairie School Division.
Yes, it’s still happening, said Davis.

“It’s a continuing struggle. We keep reporting it. We’ve seen extra patrols, and that’s good. But some drivers just don’t get it, and that’s concerning.”

Davis promises that efforts to get the message across will continue, relentlessly. One thing that they’re hoping to do is make presentations to transportation companies on the matter.

All active buses have cameras now, Davis said. But there are two factors making that not as effective as it could be.

One is that so many license plates are unreadable in the winter. The other is that there are no front plates in Alberta, except on large commercial vehicles.

If front plates were required, it would be so much easier to record the violators, Davis said.

Efforts to get the provincial government to get on board the two-plate idea so far haven’t gone anywhere. Davis points to Manitoba, which he said returned to front and back plates after experimenting with just one. B.C. requires both front and back and has rejected a lobby to get rid of the fronts for esthetic reason!

“The government told them to go pound salt,” he said.

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