Busy times at the Smith Library

Leader staff

Lots has been happening at the Smith Community Library, and librarian Ruth Reay was good enough to share the news with us last week.
For example, those pretty banners now hanging from light posts in downtown Smith? Painted at the library.
“This winter the library in partnership with the Smith School and Smith Community Development Council invited residents to the library to paint banners that now hang on our light poles along Main Street,” says Reay in an email to The Leader. “We were fortunate in recruiting a very talented artist, Margaret Vanrompaey to come to the library to teach some painting skills. There was interest from the public and we had some very dedicated volunteers show up weekly. We were able to complete 12 banners, both sides, that now grace our Main Street. Many thanks to Margaret, Petra De Vaan, Myra Villeneuve, Jennifer Hayes, Debbie Knahs and Lucy Dixon. Many thanks to Orrin and Ryan Sand as well as Atco Electric for hanging the banners.”
In June, the Smith 1st. Scouts came to the library for a flag-raising ceremony. Then on July 6th, Reay reports, the first Summer Story-time was held at the library.
“We had 10 children come out,” she says. “Thanks to Petra De Vaan for volunteering to assist. We will host story-time again on July 27th, starting at 1:00 p.m. Please bring the kids out to this event.”
Reay says story time will continue at the same time on subsequent Thursdays.

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