Broadcasting gig for 11-year-old

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for Anthony DiFrancesco of Slave Lake. He’ll be playing defence for a Pee Wee team this coming season and when he’s not doing that he’ll be doing the play-by-play for the Slave Lake Icedogs, Slave Lake’s junior team.

That’s right, broadcasting hockey games, at the age of 11. How does that happen?

“I was with the Icedogs’ owner and general manager (Lauren Barr) and she suggested I consider it,” says Anthony.

Anthony was known to the Icedogs as their ‘Junior Ambassador’ this past season. As such, he was the leader of the young hockey players who scrimmaged between periods. He was also the captain of his Atom ‘C’ team, which went undefeated in 2019/20.

After he told Barr he’d be interested in the gig, the next thing he had to do was answer a skill-testing question for the president of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League (GMHL), whose Western Division the Icedogs play in.

“He asked me what was the most points Wayne Gretzky ever scored in a season,” Anthony says.

Anthony aced that one and that was good enough for the league boss.

As to the details of the broadcasts, he’s got some learning to do and is looking forward to it. He is also looking forward to having an assistant in broadcasting the games.

Asked if he’s ever spoken into a microphone before in front of a lot of people, Anthony says no, but he has been on stage in school drama. He knows some kids from the drama program who he thinks would be good on the air, “but they’re not into hockey.” So the search for a broadcast partner continues.

Anthony DiFrancesco

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