Big win for the community

Those who attended the final game of the Pee Wee Provincials the other day gained an unforgettable experience and a pretty rare one – a community coming together to support a team of local kids striving for excellence in a battle of evenly-matched teams. It had all the positive elements you could hope for and few or none of the negative ones. We’d like to say it was 100 per cent positive, but somebody will come up with something that wasn’t. But what wasn’t to like? A great bunch of kids, high drama, almost unbearable tension and a gold medal to end it all. And a full house of community members, all pulling together to cheer those little fighters on. All thoughts of the annoying political divisions and garbage and potholes etc. etc. left aside. It showed how good things can get once in a while. It’s too bad somebody had to lose.

But inevitably, Monday morning comes. Back to work, back to school, back to reality. Oilers not making the playoffs; garbage from one end of Main Street to the other (why didn’t somebody organize a clean-up of at least that much before all those hockey teams came to town?) and a host of other unpleasant things.

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