Big Lakes County hikes residential taxes – business tax unchanged

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Tax rates are on the rise in Big Lakes County for two classes of properties. Residential and farmland mill rates are to go up by 1.5 per cent. Non-residential property sees no increase this year.

Council has also adopted a bylaw to postpone the deadline for tax payment.
“Considering the current economic situation, we expect that will be a welcome thing,” county director of corporate services Heather Nanninga told council at its April 29 meeting.

Taxes are due Sept. 30 and a 7.5 per cent penalty for unpaid taxes kicks in on Oct. 1.

This extension of the payment deadline coincides with what the province is doing. It announced recently that the education portion of property taxes for non-residential taxpayers be due Oct. 1.

“This presents some logistical challenges to municipalities,” Nanninga said, “as the other portions of the annual tax bill are due and payable on the normal tax deadline due date.”

Hence the extension to the end of September.

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