Big Lakes County council will offer service from plant to home

Water straight to the tap

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Big Lakes County has confirmed it will offer rural water service to the tap. It approved a policy on the matter at its March 28 meeting, culminating several weeks’ worth of debate.

“This is a policy where everyone pays the same across the county,” said engineering consultant Trent McLaughlin.

Council approved a fee of $20,000 per connected household. The county will connect to a maximum of 150 metres from the distribution line, subject to any changes by council. People on service lines that exceed the 150 metres will pay an additional $50 per metre.

“Customers will still be able to calculate upfront what their cost will be,” said McLaughlin.

The $20,000 is estimated to be one third of the cost per-property of the connection, and would be adjusted as necessary.

Under the policy, the county will not pay for the higher costs of installation for residents who build a far distance from the property line, McLaughlin said. If the total cost exceeds $60,000, it won’t be done, said reeve Ken Matthews.

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