Big day at the airport

On September 28, the Slave Lake airport re-opened with a shiny new tarmac for runway 28. Funding for the runway 28 overlay project was provided by the Community Airports Program component of the Government of Alberta STIP grant. The grant covered 75 per cent of the cost; the additional 25 per cent was funded using Airport Capital Reserves.
Pictured above (from left to right) are Chief Administrative Officer for the TOSL Brian Vance, MD Councillor Brad Pearson, TOSL Councillor Darin Busk , Slave Lake Airport Manager Pierre Gauthier, Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman, MLA Danielle Larivee, MD Reeve Murray Kerik, MD Councillor Brian Rosche, TOSL Councillor Shawn Gramlich, TOSL Councillor Brice Ferguson, TOSL Councillor Rebecca King, and Director at large for the Airport Services Commission Daniel Douillard. They had gathered on Oct. 11 to recognize the work done on the ground they are standing on.

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