Big Brother is developing a file on you

Another example of having your cake and eating it too is local cable television. Can it survive?

A lot of people subscribe to Netflix, or so it appears from the talk one hears. Is Netflix the new TV? Are people unsubscribing from television service, finding they just don’t need it anymore? Or maybe there’s no distinction between TV and shows streamed over the Internet, since many have both coming through the same device mounted on their living room wall. All one package from your friendly neighbourhood telecommunications provider. Or so we hear.

Netflix is popular for one thing because you don’t have to endure commercials. And it’s quite the smorgasbord of options, including shows in any number of foreign languages, with convenient subtitles. Quality varies, but at the very least, you could brush up on your Mexican Spanish by watching one of the shows emanating from south of the Rio Grande. It might come in handy when you’re trying to order something at the resort next winter.

One thing to keep in mind (always) is that Big Brother is watching your viewing habits and drawing conclusions about your interests and susceptibilities. It seems these days all you have to do is think about a certain product or service and ads for it start showing up on your computer.

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