Bev New running for vice presidency of Metis Nation of Alberta

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

After 25 years, Region 5 President Bev New is in the running for provincial vice presidency of the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA).

New says she is running to become vice president after becoming a co-minister for Metis rights.

New says the Metis rights department has grown rapidly. It has more than 35 staff members, with New being the co-minister.

New, who is a resident of Faust, sits at the federal table with Karen Collin of the Metis nation with whom she shares the -ministry.

Bev explains they were able to sign a consultation agreement with the federal government, and framework agreement. She says they are currently negotiating money to develop their Metis government constitution.  New says that is a big deal for them right now.

“I am seeking this seat because I want to carry on with the Metis rights,” she says.

“I believe in our Metis nation. I want to focus on our provincial mandate which is our Metis Nation rights.”

New has also been the treasurer for several years, and says they are doing extremely well within the Metis Nation. She says she believes in accountability and transparency.

New explains taking care of the finances and seeing how fast the nation is growing has made her understand that it is not about one person or 10 people, but it’s about the whole Metis Nation working together to develop a constitution and to work in unity as a whole.

As far as the election goes, New says experience is a big factor. Being in the Metis Nation as an elected leader for 25 years, New believes that she has the experience to do a good job.

“With a business mind, with a financial mind, I breathe and know the Metis Nation, or I try my best to understand it,” she says. “So I believe that I am the right person for the job.”

New adds, “I think when I go out and speak to industry and government within our assembly, within our communities, I speak from what I understand so I believe the people will make the right choice in electing a vice president of Alberta.”

New says there are three people in the running right now: Dan Cardinal of Metis Region 1 (Lac La Biche), Victoria Norris of Calgary and herself.

In Region 5, Elmer Gullion, who has been part of the Region 5 executive even longer than New, is seeking the seat of the Region 5 president along with Mickey Andrews and Dean Lindsey.

Hilda Lambert with Rupertsland Institute is seeking the seat of Region 5 vice president along with Jamie Linington.

Election day is on September 18, and the polling station for Slave Lake is located at the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre.

For High Prairie the polling station is located at the Days Inn Hotel, for Faust the polling station is located at the Community Hall and for Wabasca the polling station is located at the St. Theresa Elementary School.

Bev New

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