Bev New in tight race for provincial MNA vice-president

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

If The Leader’s calculations are correct, Bev New had a nine-vote lead over Dan Cardinal of the Lac La Biche area (MNA Zone 1) in the race for Metis Nation of Alberta Vice President after the Sept. 18 vote.

Those results were unofficial at press time, and the wild card in the scenario was that the Zone 1 polling station in Boyle hadn’t reported. That’s in Cardinal’s area, so the possibility of him picking up nine votes or more on New is pretty high. In third place – again, unofficially – was Victoria Norris, with 1,268 votes.

New, from Faust, is the long-time Zone (or Region, which seems to be the preferred term these days) 5 president. She easily carried the votes in her home region, which includes Slave Lake, Wabasca and High Prairie, but Cardinal had the advantage of a much bigger turnout in his Region #1. In Region 5, New won over Cardinal by 218 to 44 votes. In Region 1 it was Cardinal 357, New 100.

Other races were less uncertain. In Zone 5, Elmer Gullion was the clear winner for regional president, replacing New in that position. Gullion got 129 votes, to 58 for Dean Lindsay and 42 for Mickey Andrews.

For regional vice-president, Hilda Lambert was the winner, with 139 votes, to 95 for Jamie Linington.

Audrey Poitras was returned as MNA President with a comfortable majority over challenger Ron Quintal. In Zone 5 the vote went down like this: 137 votes for Poitras and 99 for Quintal.

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