Best get used to it

It’s been remarked lately that increases in fees/bills/taxes etc. are not matched by increases in pay. This is generally true, the two things having not much to do with each other.

Occasionally the cost of something will go down, reflecting a situation of high supply and low demand. But the trend is ever-upward when it comes to the cost of living. To keep from losing ground, cost-cutting is order. Businesses do it; so should individuals and families.

There’s not much use in wondering where this is all going, although it’s hard not to. The simple answer is we don’t know, because nobody’s ever been here before. Widespread wealth in combination with political and economic freedom is certainly a new thing in the history of mankind. It’s an experiment and it’s a constant balancing act.

It may not be sustainable, even at the current modest levels of success. History may simply repeat itself; meaning, if things get too far out of balance (i.e. too much power/wealth concentrated in the hands of too few and the majority with not enough to eat), some sort of violent upheaval is likely. When that happens, things get a lot worse for a lot of people for a while, and after that maybe a bit better for a while.

In the meantime, the cost of providing services goes up and that is passed on to folks who have little choice but to pay up.

We aren’t totally without choice. A local family is setting itself up for grocery costs of not more than $100 per month, we’re told. That’s with a greenhouse, and keeping chickens, pigs, rabbits and so on. Lots of labour there, to be sure, but lower costs as long as you’re willing to not count the cost of all the person-hours. Great if you’re willing, but most are stuck with whatever the system provides. Or maybe they just think they are.

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