Best and brightest; Roland Michener’s award-winning grads

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

It was a record high for Roland Michener Secondary School, as they sent off 101 bright- eyed bushy-tailed graduates into the world on June 30.

The ceremony was held at the Gathering Place where family, friends and honoured guests joined together for the special occasion.

The Leader also attended the special day to take some photographs, one of which happened to be of Tinashe Muzah. Muzah can be found on the front page of the July 4 paper singing O Canada.

This week, the coverage continues with the names of some lucky and talented students who have received various scholarship and awards for top marks.

As follows are the scholarship winners:
Mahed Riaz received the Amethyst Capital Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, Tinashe Muzah and Zoey Pearson received the Ann Bartlett Memorial Scholarship are Erin Mitchell received the ATA Scholarship.
Marley Vandusen received the Boston Pizza Slave Lake Scholarship and Mahed Riaz and Zoey Pearson received the Jamie Lukan Memorial Scholarship.

Amy Halbert received the Kinettes Scholarship, Mikaela Emes received the Kyle Wayne Buchberger Memorial Scholarship and Amy Halbert and Jordan Nahamko received the Landon Persson Memorial Scholarship.

Tiana Groskopf received the Laura Attrux Scholarship, Zoey Pearson and Michael Vance received the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society Scholarship and Kiana Giroux received the Maureen MacDonald Scholarship.

Zoey Pearson and Michao Bosse received the Merit Contractors Association Award, Brandon Hodge received the Oil Wives Club of Slave Lake Scholarship and Amy Halbert and Megan LaFrance received the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Scholarship.

Mackenzie Ballard received the Royal LePage Progressive Reality Scholarship, Morgan Bassett, Amy Halbert and Tiana Groskopf received the Slave Lake Petroleum Association Scholarship and Brandon Hodge, Mahed Riaz and Zoey Pearson received the Slave Lake Pulp Bursary.

Jacey Emes and Mackenna Edgar received the Smile Bright Scholarship, Tinashe Muzah and Alanna Lightening-Fillion received the Slave Lake Legacy Scholarship.

Montana Ross received the Tyler Emes Memorial Scholarship, Megan LaFrance received the Schulich Award and Tinashe Muzah received the Citizenship Award.

Below are the Grade 12 awards for top marks:
Chemistry 30 goes to Jessee Tanasiuk.
Biology 30 goes to Tinashe Muzah.
Physics 30 goes to Brandon Hodge.
Science 30 goes to Austin Lightening-Collins and Cambrey Pudlo.
Math 31 an math 30-1 goes to Brandon Hodge,
Math 30-2 goes to Nallie Dyck and Math 30-3 goes to Austin Lightening-Collins.
English 30-1 goes to Tinashe Muzah, and English 30-2 goes to Jennifer Smith.
Social Studies 30-1 goes to Tinashe Muzah and Social Studies 30-2 goes to Sam Marshall and Brandon McGhee.
Physical Education 30 goes to Amber Kendall, Instrumental Music 30 goes to Jordan Nahamko and Art 30 goes to Tiana Groskopf.
Drama 30 goes to Carver Skahl, Industrial Education goes to Michao Bosse, and Cosmetology goes to Cassie Noskiye.
The Citizenship Award goes to Tinashe Muzah, Mackenna Edgar and Morgan Bassett.
Last but not least, Governor General’s Academic Medal for highest overall average goes to Tinashe Muzah.

Graduates receiving their scholarship awards during there June 30 grad ceremony.

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