Beautiful Gardens of 2019

Georgie and Pierre Gauthier’s garden in SE Slave Lake is the eighth, and possibly final garden in 2019. With the warm weather, another garden or two might be possible to feature.
If you would like your garden featured in an upcoming edition of The Leader, or can recommend another beautiful garden, let us know at 780-849-4380!

Zinnias and sweet peas by the archway leading into the vegetable garden.
Blooming succulents. Succulents usually like to be dry, but have done very well this year with all of the rain.
A nice place to sit by petunias and hostas.
Georgie Gauthier next to liatris and black-eyed susan in the back yard.
Georgie and Pierre have plants all around their house. Including a herb garden in pots on the back deck As a chef, Georgie uses these often and brings them in for the winter. Herbs include bay leaf, rosemary, basil and oregano.
There are also apple trees, strawberries, and a large raspberry patch. The raspberries are still producing. The apples were just harvested.
Georgie says, that growing fruits and vegetables helps her convince Pierre to help out in the garden. A bucket of fresh raspberries or potatoes is a good reward for gardening.
Foxglove by the front door.
A close up of tiny coral bell flowers in the shade between the garage and the front door. Hybrid coral bells come in various shades, like dappled sun or shade, and moist, nutrient rich, drained soil. The wild version is native to North America and grows in forested areas.
A view from the vegetable garden to the back yard. The garden includes sweet peas, zinnias and sunflowers still in bloom.

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