Beautiful Gardens of 2019

Garden number four belongs to Linda McCann in Slave Lake. She plants only perennials. The garden includes trees and bushes, lilies and other flowering plants, but no petunias or other common annuals.
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Linda McCann tucked in among her flowers in the backyard. The cedars line the back of the property, with flower beds and a vegetable garden in front of them. Orange coneflowers bloom in front of a wicker ball on a gnarled piece of driftwood.
Deep purple lilies.
Lilac coloured flowers on a hosta.
Floristan white blazing star – liatris spicata ‘floristan white’.
A web search revealed that the cultivated variety comes from a North American species.
Floristan white flowers can be 32 in. tall with a 18 in. plant. One plant can cover an area of 18 in. It is fast growing and can live up to 10 years. It likes full sunlight and can survive in dry and damp locations. It prefers acidic soils. If the leaves go yellow it is possible the soil is alkaline.
Linda McCann’s front yard in NW Slave Lake. Perennial beds with a swath of grass between. The angles and the brick edges mean McCann can cut right up to the flowerbeds with a lawnmower.
This unusual purple coneflower with green tipped petals is a new addition this year.
Most coneflowers like the deep orange ones in the above photo have one colour from middle to tip on their petals.
McCann shops at various greenhouses to find the best perennials for her garden.
A hummingbird feeder and plants by the vegetable garden in the back yard.

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