Bartlett and Lukan receive recognition

“It is important to recognize those who make quiet contributions to our communities and I wanted to use my position as an elected Senator to work with each of Alberta’s communities to find exceptional individuals.”
That’s Alberta Senator Doug Black, speaking of the Senator’s Contribution Awards he set up. Last week the 2017 winners were announced – two (in most cases) for every town, hamlet, county and M.D. (where nominated) in the province. On the list were Harry Bartlett and Jeff Lukan of Slave Lake. In the letter the recipients received, Black says the award is “in recognition of your outstanding dedication to the (community name), through volunteerism and civic engagement.”
Also on the list of this year’s honourees are Jeff Burgar and Sharon Cox of High Prairie, and from the County of Big Lakes, Howard Greer (Bartlett’s uncle) and Frank Pratt. It appears nobody from the M.D. of Lesser Slave River was nominated for the award.


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