Avid readers: 21st Century book ‘reading’ method for this week’s avid reader

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The next Avid Reader in the Leaders avid readers segment is Sarah Vance.

Vance is not your typical avid reader but rather an avid listener as she has chosen a more 21-century approach at books called audiobooks.

Vance explains she got into listening to audiobooks when she was living in Calgary and had to commute 45 minutes on the C-Train every day. She says listening to books helped her pass the time.

Vance says she also listens to audiobooks in the car when she is driving and will play audiobooks while she is doing chores or cleaning for background noise.

Vance says she uses two different apps through the public library to get her books.

The apps are called Overdrive and Hoopla and to sign up, you use your library card.

Vance say It is very easy to sign up to the apps and use them.

Vance says the book she is reading right now is an interpretation of a murder set in the 1900s.

Two books Vance recommends people read is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom.

Vance says she reads a variety of books.

“I’m not much for biographies, but other than that I like to read most kinds (of books). “I read a lot of chick-lit.”

Vance states she has read more than 76 books this year so far. (That is more than two books a week.)

“Because I’m listening rather than physically reading I can multitask while my book is playing.”

Sarah Vance

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