Artist ‘couldn’t draw a stick man to save my life’

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Local artist Linda McCauley says she started painting when she retired.

McCauley says it all started when she was visiting her sister in Wetaskiwin Alta and saw a lady in her yard painting rocks.

“I thought I want to do that so I went over and talked to her,” says McCauley. “I said gee I’d like to do that and the lady said you can and I told her no I can’t.”

McCauley confesses that she couldn’t even draw a stick man to save her life, but when she came back home she thought about what the lady had told her.

“She said just go to the dollar store and pick up some paints, so I did.”

The first things McCauley painted on rocks were lady bugs; then she moved on to bees. McCauley explains how she then went from painting rocks to painting on canvas and now she paints almost anything.

McCauley says her brother in law had come to visit her one fall and gave her a big piece of petrified fungi and told her she should paint. She says she tried it and loved the outcome.

“He also makes tables so I painted a little wooden table too.”

McCauley says long story short she had just picked it up and started teaching herself.

McCauley says she likes to paint scenery and ‘naturescapes’.

McCauley mentions she was also part of this year’s Young @ Art camp.

“ I was just totally surprised when they phoned me,” says McCauley. “Someone must of told someone in this small town I did art.”

McCauley says she loved it and she really enjoys working with kids.

During the camp McCauley had the kids paint rocks. The younger kids painted ladybugs and the older kids painted a mouse on a piece of cheese, which she says was a little more challenging.

Linda McCauley with ‘before and after’ fungi.

Another McCauley original

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