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Peace officers and volunteers team up to help displaced animals

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High Level evacuees returned home last week, and took their pets with them. The story of how some of those evacuated animals were looked after while in Slave Lake comes to us courtesy of Town of Slave Lake senior peace officer Mark Becker.

Becker and his colleague in bylaw enforcement Shawn Cordeiro, along with the Animal Rescue Society, Pet Planet and others, saw to it that 18 pets got cared for. An organization called Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force was also involved.

“These organizations donated food, supplies, litter and manpower,” says Becker.

The town’s pound hosted 18 pets in three locations during the evacuation period.

“Although the days were long and (tiring),” Becker says, “we were very happy to do it and we have learned a lot!”

Becker adds the town is now prepared to deal with larger events, should it be called on to take care of evacuated pets again.

“We wish to thank all the volunteers who assisted our department during this time,” he says.

Well looked-after: pets housed in a dressing room during the High Level evacuation.

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